What We Do

Joy’s place LIVE! is a small commercial kitchen in Pukalani, Maui that has been producing hand-crafted health foods and drinks since 2011. The business started out 20 years ago on Maui’s south shore as joy’s place, a restaurant serving healthy meals for everyone with a broad, wholesome menu. Four years ago the restaurant changed hands and continues to operate under the name joy’s place, Kihei.

When our line of nourishing live food became so popular, we opened the kitchen in Pukalani where we put our recipes into production, selling mostly wholesale to markets on the island, including the newly opened Whole Foods. Gradually, we started making the soups that had been so popular in Kihei for 17 years again, the beef and veggie chili, in addition to bone broths, grain salads and green salads with homemade dressings… and opened our doors to the general public upcountry. Our offering still remains small but purposeful with each menu item making a contribution to our health. In addition to the regular daily menu, we also make a very popular 3 day cleanse that offers a brief rest and cleansing from our hectic lives.

How We Do It

We keep our food preparations simple, preserving the innate value that wholesome food has to nourish and heal our bodies. Everything is produced in small batches using high quality ingredients with high nutrient value. Fresh, locally grown produce from Maui is creatively combined with nutrient dense “superfoods” from all over the world. Cooked foods are cooked “lightly” with a light hand. We have fun.

Why We Do It

At joy’s place LIVE!, we understand the busyness of our current lives and try to offer a broad selection of options for everyone conscious that our health and quality of life are related to the foods we eat.  We value family and encourage families to eat together at home with our “family” size packaging.  We believe in regular, gentle cleansing with our 3 day cleanse. We believe in the extra nutrients available in using fresh, organic produce. We believe that a balanced, wholesome way of eating, if consistent, can heal over time. We believe that the food we prepare makes a contribution to our customers’ well-being and are grateful for the important purpose it gives our lives in our work at joy’s place LIVE!



Our original mission statement from 1997 states: We believe that the foundation of good health is food that has been prepared from fresh, organic ingredients and that the issue of meat vs. vegetarian vs. vegan vs. live foods is not as important as eating whatever is needed individually to achieve optimum health.

Over 20 years later and this mission statement still stands. Our upcountry offering is continually expanding with the emphasis on "something for everybody."

When we started out upcountry in 2011, we were just producing live products for wholesale customers. The timid knocks on the door to purchase products on the spot became more and more frequent and now we are open Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 3:00pm.

In addition to the live products, the daily menu includes: several quinoa salads, organic green salads, bone broth, meat, fish and vegan soups, chili and more.

Our quantities are small, prepared daily with a minimum of fuss from fresh, local ingredients as much as possible.

We are constantly working to develop new products with intent, to not just taste good, but to also fulfill the purposes of healing, cleansing and nourishing our bodies.


We have steadily been producing the 3-Day Cleanse for 4 years. We are very encouraged with the feedback from our customers, whether they are one timers or regulars. Although we don't feel qualified to make any sweeping medical claims about the cleanses, we know for sure that they offer a rest, a break from the norm....and the potential to consider new, healthier lifestyle choices in the future. We will keep producing them, usually twice a month, breaking for holidays.

Our ingredients for the fresh juices and cleanse soups are always organic and grown locally. The fresh coconut water is supplied by two young local men who open their coconuts from the North Shore for each cleanse right outside our door. The cleanses are our delight to produce from start to finish. We love handing each customer for 3 mornings in a row their colorful insulated bag with eight different carefully chosen products for that day.


Customer Testimonials

Earlier in 2017, Ronnie Johnston, employee of joy's place LIVE! and business student at the University of Hawaii, Maui, conducted a survey with our customer base to determine how to let more of the community know that we are open for retail now on a regular daily basis.  We know that eating clean, simple food with a purpose such as to nourish or to cleanse is becoming more and more important to our health and we want the local community to know that's exactly what we are providing!  As a result of Ronnie's study, a punch card is available at the kitchen with discounts for frequent customers and credits for referring new customers.

Here's what customers had to say when we asked them to describe Joy’s Place LIVE! to a friend:

“I would describe it as a mom and pop establishment that is committed to delivering fresh, healthy products that help you take care of your health and body. And… Joy is amazing and you can feel the love every product is made with.”

“Healthy food made with Aloha”

“The best and freshest food on the island. Saves me from cooking 2x per week at least.”

“Fresh and excellent healthy food and friendly people.”

“Healthy! Homemade! Best ingredients! Fresh!”

“Healthy food and drinks with delicious flavor. You can eat it all day every day.”

“Super Yum!”

“Fabulous, healthy, convenient food!”

“Joy’s place live is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. They make you feel at home.”

“High quality food made fresh. Nourishing, healing, friendly staff. Awesome!”

“Lovely, healthy, feel good place!”

“Healthy and Yummy!”

“The best soup, ever!”

“Healthy, organic, great food.”

“Amazing, great service, great food!”


“Perfect =)”

“The best place to get good food Upcountry.”

“Alive food! Clean & Healthy! Made with Love!”

“The food is delicious, fresh and healthy!! Joy’s Place LIVE is the only “restaurant” from which I eat salads anymore. (I so appreciate your cleaning of your produce with HP solution, to handle potential parasites. I have found no other place on Maui who does that.)”