joy's place LIVE! is a small production kitchen located in Pukalani, Maui. It started out 20 years ago as a small restaurant on the south side with a focus on health and 6 years ago branched out upcountry to include the production of live foods. Our offering has slowly expanded to include 3 day cleanses and take-home menu of organic soups, bone broths and chilies. Joy's Place in Kihei is under new ownership. 

Our upcountry offering is constantly growing to include more take-home food to help people create meals at home. To receive our email with weekly updates about what is available and cleanse dates, please subscribe below.

Most of our fresh ingredients are local and organic. We support the upcountry farmer's markets as much as possible. Our menu is gluten-free and, for the most part, sugar-free. Recently we have begun to replace a portion of the honey used to make our fresh almond shakes with Stevia. 


Daily Menu

Live Products

  • Almond Shakes: Vanilla, Cacao, Mocha, Vanilla Latte, Chai

  • Tonics: Lemon Ginger, Maui Cold Buster, Turmeric Tonic, Lemon Ginger!

  • Vegan Chocolate Mousse and Lilikoi Pudding

  • Almond Coconut Cookies

  • Dehydrated Kula Kale Chips and Crackers

  • Fermented: Live Sauerkraut, Ginger Kombucha and Beet Kvass

  • Immune Booster Tonic

Take-Home Meals

  • Organic Meat, Fish and Vegan Soups

  • Grass-Fed Beef or Vegetable Chili

  • Green Protein Salads with Homemade Dressings

  • Greek Quinoa Salad

What are live or “raw” foods?

  • Made with plant based ingredients

  • Simply prepared with blenders, processors and juicers

  • Never heated over 115 degrees to preserve their nutrients

  • Often soaked and sprouted for better digestibility

  • Naturally detoxifying

  • Nutritionally dense and can be totally satisfying in small amounts

  • High in protein, loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and minerals

Where to find some of our products

  • Whole Foods Market--Kahului, Maui

  • joy's place LIVE!--Pukalani, Maui

Customer Testimonial

Joy’s Place live is my health food--fast food “go to.” Joy’s Places Live takes the work out of eating clean and healthy food. There is something for everyone, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or a meat eater. What, how can that be? It’s simple; Joy’s place has a variety of healthy soups, tonics, shakes and other goodies that rival your favorite aunty’s home cooking. It’s like getting food to go that’s made by someone that cares about you and your longevity.

The food is healing, organic and fresh!!! I’m personally in love with the healing bone broth, all soups (although I have my personal faves), the raw almond Chai and the cold and flu buster is a must when you’re feeling like you’re getting a cold or you’ve got one! I send my clients to Joy’s weekly when they can’t think of what to cook for dinner or they’re feeling like they need an added boost of good, clean, healing, organic whole food!

Thanks for being our healthy food option for the upcountry Maui community and those that visit Pukalani!! - Pam Kamoku


Pam Kamoku is the founder of Ease in Motion which offers Clinical Somatic Education, yoga therapeutic movement & mindfulness meditation classes for groups and individuals. Her mission is to make a difference in our community’s health through education and service. If you are interested in learning more about her classes, check out her website: