joy’s place LIVE! is a small commercial kitchen in Pukalani, Maui that has been producing hand-crafted healthy drinks, kale chips, live sweets, organic soups and chilis since 2011. We also make a very popular 3 day cleanse that offers a brief rest and cleansing from our hectic lives. 

Joy’s Place in Kihei started out 18 years ago as a restaurant serving healthy meals with choices for everyone on Maui's south shore.  In January of 2014, it changed hands, but continues to offer a broad, wholesome menu.

When our line of nourishing live food  became so popular, we decided to open another kitchen in Pukalani, Maui, where we put our recipes into production.  We keep the preparations simple, preserving the innate value that wholesome food has to nourish our bodies. Everything is produced in small batches using high quality ingredients with high nutrient value.  We have fun.  Fresh, locally grown produce from Maui is creatively combined with nutrient dense “superfoods” from all over the world.  

 We have always believed that the foundation of good health is food that has been simply prepared from wholesome ingredients. Everything we make is thoughtfully prepared with love. ♥  

Joy White

Joy is curious about life.  She loves people and she loves food.  She also cares deeply for people’s health and well-being. She is not interested in trends, fads or quick-fixes when it comes to eating. The best food is always closest to what nature has already made.  Joy’s gift is knowing how to take those foods to the next level in taste and nutrition.  This unique passion has propelled her forward as the owner of Joy’s Place restaurant for 16 years, and now as the director of joy’s place LIVE!, which produces delicious live foods, drinks and cleanses.   Joy is driven to create ways to help people eat better and feel better so they can live life to the fullest.  And she pretty much finds a way to have fun doing everything!

Tyua Sereda

Tyua didn’t really know she was a foodie until she started working with Joy  in 1997.  Being in the tiny Joy’s Place kitchen in Kihei, creating vegan soups, seed cheese, raw desserts and dressings with little more than good intentions,  Tyua knew she had found home.  In 2001,  she attended the School of Natural Cookery in Boulder, CO and took her training to the next level.  Since then, she’s developed many of the business’s master recipes, taught our ‘Smart Eating’ classes, and loves to be involved in every new project at joy’s place LIVE! Tyua’s gift is recipe and product development, and empowering others to cook simple, nutritious meals at home and have fun doing it.

Ed White

joy's place LIVE! is grateful to Ed White for his faithful enthusiasm!